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Students Testimonials

Dharmesh Guna
Rahul Sir – It was a very good experience to work under your guidance. I started my journey towards technical knowledge from you. For the first time I practically learn about web development, database management, Java script, css and many more. Most of the time I got flexible solution from you.
We made 2-3 projects given by you. That project development work gives us a very good experience about system designing. We learn many small but important things from you.
Still our journey is continuous and we will get more and more important guidance from u.
Parth D Patel
What to tell about rahul???? A computer which can run all the languages…a solution explorer which does not need internet to solve your queries….practically a huge database ..i have never been in contact with any senior…but after meeting him in last month felt that he is more than enough…he never ever have any attitude about his knowledge..he treats all equally..i have learned php from him..and now .net…that only xplain a lot..studing 2 technologies under him..through i didnt remember one of them..:-p…bcoz of my carelessnes and lack of resources..
And he does not teach me as a student ..but as a friend…never felt like a teacher while he is teaching me..he has helped me in the project like it was his own..no one wud have done that for me..and at time when there were only 3 weeks left before submission and i didnt start anything…he told yes to me..i cudt xpress my joy at that time…one thing the reason today i m placed was his great help..thanku RAHUL..:-)
Morever he maintains relations very well…i have done bulk of mistakes ..if i wud have been at his place i wudnt be able to handle..i mean thats not xplanaible…he keeps his calm at every point of time…whether it be his students or his company employees….
I wanted to do my 8th sem. project in his guidance…but unfortunately i wnt be able to..:-( I will miss ur company rahul..
Dhrumi Upadhyay
Rahul bhai for me is something more than just a teacher. I would say he is the one who showed me and many of us a direction when all of were a little lost and not sure what to do on technical side. His PHP classes not only gave me technical knowledge but also the knowledge about the domain of WEB DEVELOPING.
I always enjoyed studying at his classes and that is the reason why my attendance was almost 100%. It has always been a matter of pleasure for me to be his student and I think I was lucky to get a chance to learn and work with him..
Pavan Chokshi
Rahulbhai is probably the only senior with whom i had been in contact fr a long time thts because he was a teacher cum senior cum friend.I really enjoyed his PHP classes. Ur PHP classes gave me technical weight fr my resume….He is the person who is always ready to help you. really great an experience of dt…
Before PHP classes I didn’t have ne technical background, but after PHP class I shud say I also gt technical background…..!!!
He is the person who has sound knowledge and believes in the phrase “Knowledge increases by sharing” so he used to share his knowledge with us and even ready to know things frm us also….!!!
In short,I jst enjoyd Rahulbhai’s company during PHP classes n still enjoin online company…!!!
Sonu Gheewala
Teachers have a lot of responsibility and need to make sure that they make learning a positive experience for all.
Thats what I found here. Rahulbhai, is an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed every class. He maintained the perfect relationship between teacher and student. I trusted his judgment due to personal experience and his knowledge. Domain is always a big question for all students to grow. I got my domain(php) to excel due to him. Thanks to rahulbhai for helping us always.
Ankit Patel
In sort i have to say that Rahulbhai is one of the best teacher in my life. who always try to clear the concept. And always help in other work also.
Ashish Trivedi
I must say he is one of the best teacher I have met so far. What makes his classes interesting is his practical application based training on any particular topic. And the best part is that, even as a teacher he teaches with the mentality of a young student. His classes are more interaction based and I think this is the way this domain is best understood. Hats off to his knowledge in the domain and above that his eagerness to learn more. He always appreciates inputs and ideas from his students. Always available for help – technical or guidance, anything.
Divyesh Patel
“I am very grateful to Rahul Sir for changing the way I look at Web Technologies. I am really happy to be a part of six vision
Technologies as it has changed my attitude towards coding and web application development. Rahul sir is one of the best teachers I have studied from. He makes his lessons highly interactive and full of peripheral knowledge. For proper understanding of the topic he provides assignments which makes you ponder upon important concepts related to the topics. The time and amount of interest Rahul Sir gives makes you groom in yourself and helps us make the best out of his teachings.”


  • Basic PHP
  • Advance PHP
  • Basic ASP.Net
  • Advance ASP.Net
  • VB.Net
  • Java
  • C / C++
  • SEO


  • Basic PHP
  • Advance PHP
  • Basic ASP.Net
  • Advance ASP.Net
  • VB.Net
  • Java
  • C / C++
  • SEO

Live Projects

  • PHP
  • ASP.Net
  • iPhone